For the first time in BI´s history, “Utvalgsmesterskapet”, translated into “the Committee Championship” was held. The madness took place from the 21-24th of February. All of BI´s committees competed to be named the smartest, quickest and best committee at BI. We were tested in disciplines like shuffleboard, relay, quiz, FIFA, Guitar Hero, laser tag, dodge ball, beer pong etc.

Outdoor did well with first place in laser tag, the committee relay and quiz. Before the last day Outdoor had a one-point lead over BI Lacrosse. After the last discipline; quiz, there was a tie between the two committees. This resulted in two extra rounds with questions. The judges still weren’t able to announce a winner since we kept answering the same. It was then decided that we were going into sudden death. After some more questions, BI Outdoor finally won! We got a huge trophy and celebrated the whole night.

One of the things that contributed to our victory was our prank. The judges announced the first day that they would give out points to the best pranks. Outdoor decided to prank BI Lacrosse. You can watch the prank here:

Universitas wrote an article about The Committee championship. You can read it here (Norwegian link):